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We only hate school backpacks as long as they’re compulsory. Now that they’re not, we’ll love them.

The NewSchool collection is so old-school that it was inspired by the atmosphere of the eighties and nineties, when boxy outlines and bright blocks of color ruled supreme on the catwalks as well as in elementary schools. That rigid, geometric visual code provided a sense of stability, security, predictability and permanence in a world that was rapidly and fundamentally changing.

The backpacks of the NewSchool collection are less likely to hold books than their precursors in the nineties; they will, however, take good care of our laptops and tablets. The gold-luster metal accessories and the fine quality materials create a sense of glamour and luxury while our inner child can happily travel back in time whenever we set eyes on any piece of the collection.

the NewSchool Collection

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Minimal, Edgy, Colour-Blocking.

These are the keywords to describe the latest JUREKKA collection. Kolorama proves that colours are sexy even if being worn with a simple office uniform.

All the bags are designed for the modern woman of tomorrow who is inspiring, innovative, has an individual style and takes charge of her professional life.

Ten shapes and three colour variations result in 30 different bags and accessories. Pastel and bright colour bercuir leather with soft and smooth touch, customised gold-finished metal studs and the fine quality craftsmanship creates a sense of glamour.


the Kolorama Collection

Discover Kolorama Collection in our online store.

Photos: ©Trunko Balint.