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JUREKKA is a start-up fashion accessories brand specialising in laptop bags, tablet and mobile sleeves and other small leather goods. With an international team behind the label it is built on a strong design concept that mixes minimalism, luxury and functionality.

We are the only brand focusing on tech chic: high-fashion accessories exclusively designed for tech gadgets. Limited edition JUREKKA collections meet the highest quality standards as they are made of genuine leather and premium quality metal hardware.

Today laptops, tablets and smartphones are no longer the exclusive tools of the business world; in fact, they have become part of our everyday life. We cannot take a single step without at least one of the devices mentioned above. If we must bring them along, why not choose a fitting and stylish bag, sleeve or case for them? After all, we have paid a fortune for these gadgets and they deserve more than a basic nylon bag or polyester sleeve.

Jurekka’s laptop bags, tablet sleeves and smartphone cases treat style and functionality as a priority. Although every piece of the collection serves to carry some kind of device, the designers were determined not to let this influence the products’ external features. On the outside, the bags and sleeves are fashionable accessories reflecting the latest trends, whereas on the inside, they provide a protective home for our gadgets.

Designers: Judit Jaradi, Reka Halmai, Aniko Deak.

All products are designed and handmade in Europe.


Photos: ©Tibor Galamb.